Roundtable with Ronan, Video by CineMovieTV

Saoirse seems to be sick during this interview, so bear with her less than bubbly self this time around. The videos were published March 19, which makes me think this may have been done during her LA stint, but she’s not wearing the same outfit she was at our press junket. She talks further about the voice over work which we’ve heard of before. It was interesting to learn that the other actors didn’t know what was being said in the earpiece. I think this makes the acting by the others that much more genuine. She also talks about what she would take with her from each character, how she would describe her male counterparts from the film (Jake Abel and Max Irons), Max’s poor smoking habit and its affect on the film, more about the contacts (and having a ‘lens tech’), her spending habits, how the idea of ‘perfection’ is portrayed in the film, having her parents on set during the more romantic scenes, her excitement over the upcoming book sequel, how she avoids hearing what fans say about her, her continued interest in Lady Gaga and ‘Breaking Bad’, what she just finished filming and what is coming up, and what she hopes those who see the film take with them from it.


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