Ronan Likes Kruger’s Fashion Sense

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Belfast Telegraph reported on a recent interview with Ronan where she talked about Kruger’s attire on set and her own appreciation of fashion. Not surprising since Kruger started out, and remains, a model. 🙂 She admits that she doesn’t enjoy shopping, though, and would rather engage in other, more relaxing activities when not on set.

“”Yeah, she used to wear amazing clothes on set. Diane’s great because she kind of hops between Paris, New York and LA soaking up the style,” she gushed to British magazine Company. “It’s fantastic.””

“”I appreciate fashion and I really like clothes. I love a bit of Topshop like everyone, and I really love Urban Outfitters. I’d go in there and buy everything if I could,” she continued.

“[My favourite item of clothing is] an Irish Aran jumper. I got one in a sort of powder blue last year. They can be a bit itchy but this one isn’t and I love it so much. Then I have some grey stonewashed jeans that I wear an awful lot – with the jumper and my black Dr. Martens.”

The fast-rising star has appeared in films such as Atonement and Hanna. She’s set to continue her movies successes with future roles in The Grand Budapest Hotel. When she’s not working, the pretty redhead likes to relax, which for her means avoiding stores.

“I wish I could say shopping, but after a few hours I get really stressed out,” she laughed. “I like reading, watching films and going to concerts. I like popping over to London and spending time in east London – the vibe over there is very cool.””

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