Pranks Galore at the Chicago Book Signing Event

We retweeted some of Jake Abel’s tweets asking for the crowd at the Chicago book signing event to do a few things for him.  This group of fans participated, and they made this wonderful, hysterical video of them doing the pranks and their result.  Gotta love Jake and Max (and Stephenie)!

Source: AwayFromMe09 on Youtube via Twilight Lexicon

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  • That’s brilliant! I love how they’re trying to outdo each other.

  • beluchisss

    wonderful! I love the video!
    Max I love you! jee!!
    thank you very much girls!

  • tyty

    How cool!!! one question you got the chance to be face to face because you were press or is it the same for everybody? I’m asking cuz I’m going on friday to the signing and I was wondering If I will have the same chance!! Please answer me!!! Thank u