Our Photos from ‘The Host’ LA Premiere and After Party

This is extremely late, but still worth the look to see all the photos we took at the LA Premiere of The Host and the after party.

Matt Glass took these great professional photos of the LA Premiere and the blue carpet.  There are photos of Shawn Carter Peterson, Stephen Rider, Jaylen Moore, Alex Russell, Andrew Niccol, Diane Kruger, Stephenie Meyer, Lee Hardee, Jake Abel, Max Irons, and Saoirse Ronan.

These are photos from our cell phones of the LA Premiere and the blue carpet.  Photos are by Sarah Ksiazek, Matt Glass, Jordan Long, and Johanna Field.  There are photos of Robert Schwartz, Shawn Carter Peterson, Evan Cleaver, Alex Russell, Sam Hargrave, Andrew Niccol, and Diane Kruger.

These are all photos from our cell phones of the after party. Photos are by Sarah Ksiazek, and Jordan Long. Photos are of the invite and Sarah and Max.  I am not big on bothering people and taking photos with stars.  I had a couple drinks in me, so there is one.

Source: The Host Movie News

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