Jake, Max, Chandler, and Stephenie Visit Children’s Hospital Radio Program in Dallas

This is ne of the many cute videos that have turned up during that whirlwind press tour for The Host.  While in Dallas, Chandler Canterbury, Jake Abel, Max Irons, and Stephenie Meyer visited The Children’s Medial Center in Dallas to participate in a radio program.  Jake and Max did one of these in Atlanta as well.

If you were mad that Max did not sing any Bieber on the Google Hangout today, then here is your chance to hear it.  Jake sings along as well.  I love how Chandler refuses to participate.  The patient they had Skype in to ask a question actually asked one of few unheard and unasked questions out of all the hundreds we have seen or read.

Source:  Children’s Medical on YouTube via Twilight Lexicon

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