Frances Fisher: Being an Older Actress in an Industry of Younger Talent

BTS Frances

Frances Fisher on set for ‘The Host’

Frances Fisher (Aunt Maggie) was recently interviewed by AARP on what it is like to be an older actress in the film industry and how younger actors are often given more time on screen than the more seasoned ones. I really liked reading this interview as it gives a different perspective than what we usually hear, especially when it comes to this film where we have heard mostly from the three headlining (and young) actors. I thought it was interesting that Frances thought she was not in the trailer for the movie, since her experience in the past has been that older actors are rarely seen in movie trailers these days. I’m glad ‘The Host’ broke that mold for William Hurt (Uncle Jeb) and Frances, even if only briefly. Frances also talks a little about her daughter, Francesca Fisher-Eastwood, entering the acting career, having just finished filming her first feature-length film, directed by boyfriend Tyler Shields. My respect for Ms. Fisher was really increased when I read the end of the interview about how, despite the pressures to have work done in order to somehow increase her appeal, that she feels aging naturally will actually be the way to keep herself more flexible when it comes to roles, especially with period parts. You can read the full interview here, and I highly recommend you do!

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