Fourth TV Spot for ‘The Host’

This is the fourth TV spot for The Host.  It features William Hurt narrating the TV spot at the beginning.  I believe this TV spot has some new scenes in it, but these TV spots and featurettes are all starting to run together for me so it is hard to say (not that I don’t mind all these new videos).  I have also seen the film, so scenes are not as new to me anymore.

22 days to go, Hosters!


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  • I wonder if they’re going to release any actual scenes.

  • Who dies in the car crash?? 🙁

    • Not handing out any spoilers here, Charlotte.

      • TIASB

        That was a spoiler . 🙁

        • No, I just assumed since they showed a car crash 🙂

      • Never mind, I found out 🙁

  • Luna

    Oh, I really like this one. Still a lot of focus on the romance, though.