Fifth Movie Clip Plus Behind the Scenes Footage and Interviews

This video just popped up in my Google Alerts.  It is a long video, but at the beginning is the fifth clip for The Host.  This clip shows Jared and Melanie dancing and then kissing in the rain.  Jamie can also be seen in the clip.

The video continues with interviews with Stephenie Meyer, Max Irons, Saoirse Ronan, and  Diane Kruger.  These are all the same type of interviews that we have seen in the featurettes, but there are new parts of these interviews in this video.  There is also some behind the scenes footage mixed in with the interviews.

This video is going to mess up the look of this post. Sorry about that!



Source: Huffington Post, ET

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  • Krazykira

    That clip was definitely worth watching! ^.^

  • Another one of those clips that can’t be seen by those of us not in the U.S.

  • Katerina.Loves.Max.A.Milion

    Hi there, is it possible to repost this so it’s available to those outside of the US? Thanks!

  • Neha

    Please make this video available to non-Americans as well!

  • Lilly
  • One question: Is this the opening of the movie? I heard that it begins with Melanie and Jared? And is radioactive in the movie (in this scene)? So many questions, so impatient…

  • Neha