Diane Kruger on the Cover of Flare Magazine!


Diane is really getting back into her modeling while promoting ‘The Host’, and this time they have her decked out in some vintage-inspired pieces. I’ve included several parts I enjoyed, related to ‘The Host’ and Stephenie Meyer below. You can read the full interview and see all the great photos here.

“Really pleasantly terrifying.” That’s how Stephanie Meyer characterizes Diane Kruger’s turn as a parasitic alien with a steely personality in the film adaptation of her first post-Twilight adult novel, The Host. “Diane just can do this icy thing,” says Meyer, “but at the same time cover it up with, like, that warm, Oh, how are you?

When the film’s screenwriter-director Andrew Niccol first gathered his cast together for a table read last year, one of the key actors was absent. Kruger volunteered to read the part, that of a teenage boy hiding in a cave. Though Niccol knew that she had the right sort of elegant bone structure and air of cool unattainability to pull off her own character—known only as The Seeker—he was surprised that she could be equally convincing as a 14-year-old male. “I was shocked at how versatile she was,” says Niccol of Kruger…

Kruger revelled in the action, as well as being part of a production based on a book by Meyer. “I actually happen to be a big Twilight fan, which I’m not embarrassed to say,” she says. “It sort of appeals to my inner teenage girl.” But what most attracted Kruger to the film is the emotional turbulence of her character, which isn’t revealed until the film’s final moments. “She’s so complex,” says Kruger of the first true villain role in her 11-year film career. “She has that Stepford Wife-y kind of niceness yet there is so much more underlying there: rage and anger.”



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