Behind the Scenes Photo of ‘The Host’ (March 4)

Frances Fisher just sent us this great behind the scenes photo of The Host.  It looks like it was taken during their time in Louisiana outside Sound Stage 8 at the Celtic Media Centre.  In the photo, you can see Boyd Holbrook, Max Irons, Saoirse Ronan, Jake Abel, and William Hurt.

Frances titled this photo as “Waiting . . .”  and that is what fans of The Host are doing right now.  25 days, Hosters!

Frances Twitter Waiting

Source: Frances Fisher on Twitter

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  • beluchisss

    I am a big fan of the host … I love your blog … is amazing! congratulations!
    I would like to ask a question you are going to host the premiere on March 19?I am also a fan of Max Irons always follow it! thank you very much and I hope your answer!

    • Thanks! Yes, we will be at the premiere!

      • beluchisss

        oh my god! that’s great that lucky to be going to the premiere! Good for you!
        and send you a message on facebook asking you something else! kisess!

  • CommonSense