Andrew Freund Interviews ‘The Host’ Cast

The location of the Lotus (from the film, btw) tells me that he conducted these interviews in LA at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, where we also attended the press junket, and if I’m remembering Saoirse’s outfit correctly, this is actually the same day as the junket (back on the 16th of March). We also get another look at the prank war that Stephenie talked about in our interview with her during the junket. Hopefully this is where it ends, since that is what Stephenie was asking for during our interview with her. I like hearing more from Stephenie about the fit of the actors to the characters in her book, and especially getting a glimpse at how William Hurt became attached to the film (apparently he asked to be in it!). Saoirse, Diane, and the guys talk about what makes Meyer’s works so appealing and unique. Watch Max in the background while Jake is talking – it seems Max has forgotten he’s on camera :). He asks the same question we’ve heard before about who the actors would like to inhabit, but this time both the guys and Saoirse answered with ‘Beyonce’. Anybody else find it interesting that they seem to keep pairing up the guys now whenever they’re being interviewed? Saoirse relates about whether there was Twilight-level pressure on the set and Stephenie talks about her experience over the last 5 years since her first press junket. Saoise, Diane, and Stephenie, talk about the idea of love and whether it really conquers all or only exists in the films. Andrew asks the guys more specifically about the idea of the human race being conquered in the book and film. Andrew repeats the question, as well, about the influence of the movies on the future books in this series.


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