All the Details on the Dallas Book Signing Event with Stephenie, Max, and Jake

There has been some conflicting information about the book signing event that is happening on March 12, 2013 in Dallas, Texas at the Barnes and Noble across from NorthPark Mall.  This flyer will give you all the information you need for the event.  Tickets to the event are being given away the day before, March 11, 2013, starting at 5 PM.  If you want to get ahead in the line, purchase either The Host or The Movie Companion and keep the Barnes and Noble receipt.  You do not need to purchase the book(s) on March 11.  You can obviously get The Host or The Movie Companion signed by Stephenie Meyer.  I am assuming all of her other books are okay to bring also.

Jake Abel and Max Irons will be there to sign the movie poster for you.

Update 3/8/13: It has just been announced that Chandler Canterbury (Jamie Stryder) will also be at the book signing!

I (Sarah) will be there for this signing, so I hope to see and meet some followers of our site there.

There is no screening with Stephenie, Max, and Jake like other cities have had, so this is your only chance Dallas to come and get your The Host fix.

Dallas Book Event


Click here to go to the Barnes and Noble event page.

Click here to go to the Facebook event page.  A lot of the fans are posting a lot of details about the signing after talking to Barnes and Noble staff.

Source: Open Road Films, The Host Movie News

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