Third Trailer for ‘The Host’

The third trailer debuted during the Google Hangout Live Chat, but here it is in its own separate video and at a much higher quality.  Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” is used again in the trailer.

We get to see a much better view of what a soul looks like outside of a body, the “ship” that holds one, and the implantation process.

You can see the interrogation process with The Seeker, and Wanderer’s first realization that Melanie is resisting.  You can also see where Melanie takes back her body in a way and crashes the car in the desert.

The mirror system in the caves is also featured.

The point of escape from the Seeker is seen.  You could only briefly see it in The Seeker featurette.

Update: Added a bunch of screencaps below the trailer.

The Seeker Wanda Melanie Third Trailer Jared Melanie Wanda Third Trailer Uncle Jeb Maggie Jake Third Trailer Cave Mirror Third Trailer Melanie Wanda Cave Table Third Trailer Melanie Wanda Uncle Jeb Third Trailer Melanie Wanda Third Trailer Tree Melanie Wanda Crash Third Trailer Interrogation Third Trailer Soul Third Trailer 3 Soul Third Trailer 2 Soul Third Trailer Jared and Ian Third Trailer Jared Third Trailer

Original Source: The Host on Youtube, Screencaps from The Host Movie News

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  • Rosie Wilkinson

    AHHHHHH! OMG! I couldn’t really tell when I was watching it live, the quality wasn’t that good – this is amazing!

  • Not long to go now!

  • Ari

    Oh my, oh my! I really, really, REALLY can’t wait for this movie!

  • Why is Wanda crying?

    • Frida

      Could be any number of moments, the first memory after she’s been put into Melanie’s body, when she’s dreaming about Jared or Jamie and misses them… anyway it looks too nice to be in the caves so I’m guessing it’s before that.

      • Luna

        Yeah, I think it’s because of some of Melanie’s memories. It might be the first one or maybe later when she dreams about Jared and wakes up crying because he’s not there. I think most of that will be in the room with the seeker (the one with screens on the walls). Oh, now I can’t wait to see it!

        • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

          I thinking I just came with a similar theory. She could be on a cot talking to the Comforter from the first few chapters.

    • wintusquaw

      I was just looking at the video and picture of Wanda I think it is the cave cuz the table/cot isn’t the one she wakes up on when she first becomes Wanda. Although it might be when she is setting Melanie free at the end too. Can’t wait to find out ! 🙂

  • Frida

    Amazing! Does anyone know what the music is that’s playing in the trailer?

    • Azmom

      Radioactive by imagine dragons

  • wintusquaw

    Can’t get over how sad Wanda looks it’s just so heart wrenching! Love how they made the Souls look!! March 29th is SOOO FAR AWAY!!