The Host Movie News Co-Author In Photos Published On Just Jared!

So, this was a nice surprise that Stephanie (The Host Movie Fans) tipped us off to. We were waiting to put up my post about my experience in DC these past two days until we had branded the photos I had taken, but it looks like Just Jared beat us to the punch with some professional photos from the screening. You can click here to see the photos taken at the screening and Q&A session, but I’ve specifically pulled out the ones I was in below. I had a wonderful, unexpected opportunity to meet Stephenie, Max, and Jake between the end of the movie and before the Q&A. I did not expect that those photos would end up on such a huge blog like Just Jared, though! It’s all very exciting!! You can read more about my experience in the full blog of my experience when we publish it in the next day or so. šŸ˜€

max-irons-jake-abel-the-host-qa-with-stephenie-meyer-11 max-irons-jake-abel-the-host-qa-with-stephenie-meyer-07 max-irons-jake-abel-the-host-qa-with-stephenie-meyer-01

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  • Rosie Wilkinson

    I always imagined Johanna to be brunette!