My Fox Atlanta Interviews Max Irons and Jake Abel

Max and Jake in Atlanta

Max Irons and Jake Abel did some press in Atlanta, and here is one of their video interviews with My Fox Atlanta.  When I view the video, it seems a little choppy and pixelated, but not necessarily bad quality.  Don’t know if that is just me or if it will happen for everyone.  If you pause it for too long, it will restart with from the beginning with another commercial.

They were asked about the physicality of the film, doing their own stunts, driver’s licences (ha!), comparisons to Twilight and the fan base, the demographics of the film, Team Ian/Jared, how Saoirse filmed the Melanie/Wanda scenes, and their film and theatre backgrounds.

Click here to see the video.  The code (or anything from the video) will not copy for me to embed in this post.

Thanks to Marissa May for the comical photo of what Max and Jake did prior to the interview.

Source: My Fox Atlanta via The Hosters

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