Florida Screening of ‘The Host’ and Book Signing

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Update 3/2: You can see some more pictures from the screening on Bella’s Diary and MaxIrons.net

Update: Stephanie also posted a small clip from the Q and A that is rather hilarious and involves an inappropriate microphone tap from Jake Abel towards Max Irons.  Click here to watch.

Stephanie also posted the transcript of the Q and A with the trio, but left out any spoilers.  Feel free to read it here.

You can also read Stephanie’s account of her two day excursion involving seeing the film twice and going to the book signing.  Click here to read her post.

Source: The Host Movie Fans

We know that Stephanie from The Host Fans attended the screening in Florida and LOVED it! We have also seen some photos from the screening and book signing, which I have included here. It all makes me excited for tomorrow’s DC screening! 😀

Updated 2/22: You can check out Perez Hilton for some more pictures from the events.

Just Jared pictures from the Florida book signing. Update 3/2: And here.

Imnotobsessed pictures from the Florida book signing.

Updated (2/20): Here are a bunch of pictures from the Miami screening and the book signing from The Host Official Facebook Page.

Picture of Max and Jake with some fans

Max, Jake, and Stephenie answer fan questions

Another of the three answering questions

Stephenie Meyer with a fan

Jake and Max with a fan

These two are from the book signing from @littlebrown:



This one is of Max and Jared signing posters, from @DoniVacca:

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