Exclusive: Stephenie Meyer Talks the Bigger Picture and Problems in ‘The Host’ and Sequel


On Valentine’s Day and after that great Google Hangout Chat, Stephenie Meyer got on the phone to talk to The Host and Twilight fan sites and answer some questions.  We were (and still are) excited to be a part of this interview.  Basically, each site invited to the interview was able to ask one question.

Below is our one question.  We tried to get a little out of Stephenie about The Host sequel, but she is keeping details pretty close to the chest.

We will post the entire transcript of the interview as well as a great video of the audio tonight as well, so stay tuned.

Question: The Host obviously involves romance, but were there other, larger messages you were intending to say through the novel? If so, what were they and what will be the larger message behind the sequel you are currently working on?

Stephenie: Well, I never write in messages. I write out problems. I find a complicated situation and I write to see what would happen with it. But I do feel like there is a romance aspect, but it’s so much – for me the book is really about love in all of its forms. You’ve got the romantic love, but you’ve got the mother love, and you’ve got the family love, and you’ve got the my-species-that-I-owe-a-great-deal-to love, and then my-new-species-that-I’m-adopting-that-I-love-and-want-to-protect. It’s just that much more real – our human experience isn’t as – you can’t boil that down to just loving one person. There’s so much more that ties you. And I also feel like there was a lot I got to explore with the idea of – the kind of easy answer, “What do you wish for?”, “Oh, world peace”, and I got to look at could humans ever have world peace and what would we have to give up and in this version of that future, we’ve been taken out of the equation, but that’s kind of the point, like, our individual likes and dislikes, the things that we would die for, the things you’re passionate about, all of that has to be erased for there to be this total peace and is that too high a cost? I think maybe some people say, “There’s no such thing as too high a cost for perfect peace and health and comfort for everyone in the world”, but if we had to all give ourselves up, I don’t think we’d do it, either. So there was a lot more in it for me.

As far as the sequel, all of these insights into the novel come after it’s done. [laughs]. Right now the sequel is just about kind of these exciting things that happen. It’s just an adventure story for me, right now and I’m sure I’ll find the bigger picture when I have it finished.

Source: The Host Movie News

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