DC Screening Q&A Video

So most of the questions asked during the Q&A were ones we’ve already seen in other interviews, but I feel like, as a writer, there were some points that really impacted me through what Stephenie was saying. One in particular was about not being able to write short stories (me!) and the other about writing for yourself, rather than writing what you think the readers will want or what will get you published (at least for me, that is my biggest hang up when writing).

I also wanted to mention again about how I was sitting next to the facilitator and his girlfriend (a film/tv critic) during the movie and we got to talk a bit before the film started. He was a pretty cool guy and while the questions did not bring us any new information, I still like that he tried to think outside the box and wasn’t asking the same questions we’ve heard before. There was one question he was running by me beforehand that he didn’t end up asking and I kinda wish he had. It was about the parallel between the Souls inhabiting the bodies of the humans and actors inhabiting the bodies, so to speak, of their characters, and what are some of the lessons actors have learned as a result.

I did like the response Stephenie gave that Esme is the character she relates to most, and then the funny story about Max getting his driver’s license on set and Saoirse’s dad’s response. šŸ™‚ I hope you guys enjoy it!

Source: The Host Movie News

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