Closer Look at Some of the Props of ‘The Host’

Have you visited the official Tumblr page for The Host called “the soul center?”  They have posted some cool gifs and edited photos from the trailers and the film.  They have also posted some photos of the props (and sets) of The Host.  For some, this is our first close-up view of them.

I find the last photo of the pods that the souls travel in to be the most interesting.  Not something I would expect these aliens to travel in.

By the way, I have to mention that this film was produced independently with no studio investing in it from the beginning.  While they still had a pretty big budget (much bigger than Twilight), it is amazing to see what they did with what kind of budget they had.

The Soul Center

Soul Center

The Lotus Cars


The Sprays – each for a different use


The Chrome Pods the Souls Travel In



Source: The Host Tumblr

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  • Luna

    The pods do look interesting. I wish the sprays had been shinier, though. They kinda look like plastic to me…

  • What was the original budget?