Media Q&A with Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer had a conference call with several members of the press yesterday (good Lord, this lady had a busy Valentine’s Day!), including Cinema Blend, The Stir,, and Hypable. Kelly West’s (Cinema Blend) article contains the full transcript and can be viewed here. The other related articles can be found at these sources:

The Stir by Jacqueline Burt by Sidney Bucksbaum

Hypable by Laura Byrne-Cristiano

Note: Ok, I did find something I wanted to mention: the soccer scene was one of the parts cut from the film, as well as the Cheetos stuff. I guess it makes sense since they have to condense it down to two hours, but still a little disappointing. This is why I like books better than movies, because all those little things are important to the development of characters, at least on the page.

I’ve also taken out the warning I had about there being spoilers in the interview. I could be wrong, but reading through it, I don’t see how anything in there is really a spoiler, except how Stephenie went from her original thought of just having a love triangle (Melanie, Wanderer, and Jared) to having a ‘love box’ (adding in the character of Ian) through the process of her writing. I don’t feel it gives away any of the secrets key to the ending of the novel, so feel free to read it in its entirety 🙂

Note: The article I originally posted this morning did have the full transcript of the interview, but I think maybe she was only supposed to post her own part, because the other three articles I have found since then only contain the questions they themselves asked. Woops! So you can still read the full transcript at Cinema Blend, but if you would like to see which reporter asked which questions (and give them love and credit for the questions they wrote/asked), you can visit the other articles I linked to.

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