Behind the Scenes Featurette – “Choose to Love”

Another featurette for The Host was released today called “Choose to Love.”  It does not focus on any particular actor or character, but the struggle that all the character have when Melanie/Wanda shows up.  Again, there is new footage and scenes in this featurette, including when Melanie first meets Jared.  I also particularly liked when Uncle Jeb finds Melanie and then she opens her eyes.  He sees that she has become inhabited by a soul.  There is also some Chandler Canterbury (Jamie Stryder) in the video.

“I’m guessing you haven’t been kissed in a while, either.”

Uncle Jeb Melanie Wanda Jamie and Melanie

Original Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  • Maria

    Why oh why can‘t this just come out now!!! I have never been soo excited over a movie!!

  • CommonSense


  • Curious

    Why is she naked in water with her brother?