Behind the Scenes Featurette – “Choose to Believe”

“It is a much deeper story than the Twilight novels.”

This is the third featurette in the “Choose to …” series.  This one is “Choose to Believe.”  It features interviews with Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, Jake Abel, and Stephenie Meyer.  There is some good behind the scenes footage of the action scene on the road and tunnel scenes.  This is our first featurette where we see director Andrew Niccol in the helm, directing the scenes.  I believe there is also a shot of them making the promotional material for the film, like those posters.

Original Source: EW

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  • BigFan

    Plz someone reassure me that Stephenie Meyer was really joking when she told Jake Abel that he might die in the next book when they were doing the q&a in Philly. Because I had heard a rumor about it before that she said she was delaying writing The Host sequel because a beloved character would die in that book.
    Does anyone know??

    • It’s the first time I’ve heard it :s I know that she has said that last part, but not that she would kill off Ian. But that would be a really emotional and brave twist.