Become a Soul on ‘The Host’ Official Website

A new section of the official website of The Host is now active.  It is called “Become a Soul” and it allows you to use your webcam to make your eyes look like those of the Souls.  I am also really loving what I believe is part of the score for The Host that plays in the background.

Click here to become a Soul!

The Host official website has also updated their website a bit, so check out the new look as well.

Become a Soul

Source: The Host Official Website


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  • The music on the website was also in a couple of the featurettes!

  • Emelie

    Does anyone know the songs name? It’s wonderful and fits the souls so well!

    • 8r4s8a6

      ‘Aphelion’ by Jesper Kyd.

  • 8r4s8a6

    The music is not from the score. The song is ‘Aphelion’ by Jesper Kyd.