A Day In The Life of Stephenie Meyer

I really like this article The Washington Post did about Stephenie’s two days (or less) in Washington DC. You can read the full article here.

The first thing Monica Hesse talks about in the article is some of the fans who stayed overnight, camping out for the book signing. (Honestly, I get the devotion, but even when I showed up the next morning after 7, there were less than 10 people in line, and they ended the book signing long before 3 pm because the turnout was less than expected). It is amazing, though, to see the level of commitment people have to Stephenie and her work.

I was also interested about the quote from Stephenie where she talks about a year or two going into the writing and editing of a book, and then some fans read it in a day and immediately want more. It kind of puts things in perspective, a bit, and I liked hearing that perspective.

I also thought “It was beautifully filmed, and infinitely more adult and more complex than any of the “Twilight” stories” was a great, short review, and absolutely hits on the point Stephenie has been saying all along, that this is a more adult series with older characters and a much larger story than just the romance. I love that someone thought it was ‘beautifully filmed’. 🙂

I also thought it was interesting that she mentioned how many questions during the Q&A were about ‘Twilight’ when WE’RE AT A SCREENING OF ‘THE HOST’! Sorry, a little bit of emotion there. 🙂 But you could tell it was frustrating for Stephenie to have to repeat the same answer she’s been giving folks for months or years now. She’s tired of vampires, and who really wants to go back to a story that a fan hacked and leaked on her before? Obsession can be taken too far. Even at the book signing the following day people were there for their ‘Twilight’ interests and many had never even read ‘The Host’. I guess you’re always going to have that when ‘Twilight’ was her first huge success and she did mention during the Q&A too that without ‘Twilight’, ‘The Host’ may not have reached this point.

Overall, I think the article is wonderfully put together and I think it gives a great perspective on what this situation is all like from Stephenie’s side of things.

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