23 New Official Stills of ‘The Host’

The Italian Official The Host Facebook Page seems to have a leg up on the American Facebook Page because they have a ton of new stills from The Host.  According to the dates posted, we missed a few of these before, but they are new to this site.  So while our number of new stills is 23, other sites may be posting less because they were more vigilant than us.  I may have overlooked that a few of these stills may have been previously posted on this site, but there are so many now, it is hard to keep track.

One of the Max Irons/Jared Howe stills was used for a countdown graphic previously.  If you know what happens in the book, one of The Seeker stills will probably stand out for you.  I also find the one of her sitting at a desk with one of her shirt buttons undone particularly telling of her frantic state to get Wanderer back.

The below gallery make take a couple of minutes to load all of the new stills just because there are so many.

Source: The Italian Host Official Page via Hospedeira

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