Stephenie Meyer Has Updated Her Website


Earlier today, Stephenie Meyer updated the part of her site dedicated to ‘The Host’ movie with pictures of the 4 posters we have seen so far and a picture of Wanda and Ian that reads ‘2 Months’. It is the first time she has updated it since last April! Click here to check it out.

She also has revealed some insight into the character of Ian.

“One of my favorite things about Ian-the-character was that he was never meant to be more than a second tier bad guy. He was supposed to stay in the shadows behind his brother, Kyle, and be menacing. Glower and shake his fist, that kind of thing. But—as sometimes happens—Ian started to think for himself. (Most of the other authors I’ve spoken with have had the same experience, and it’s always a favorite—characters who seem to develop independent of the creator, springing into existence with almost no effort on the writer’s part.)

So Ian became the first human, aside from Jeb, who started to see Wanda-the-individual rather than Wanda-the-alien-invader, and he traded in his small role as a bad guy for one of the romantic leads. Well played, Ian. Well played.”

2 months to go!!

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  • Ah, I love that poster!

  • Rosie

    How can she so openly say it’s a shame Jake is so unattractive!

  • stephanie

    I think Stephenie means totally opposite way by saying jake like that, beause we all know it is not true!

    BTW, I really like the O’wanda feel in this poster!

  • Luna

    … Did I miss something? Where and when did she say anything about Jake not being attractive?

  • Big Sister

    She was joking about Jake’s looks. She is trying to say he is super good looking.