Behind the Scenes Photos of ‘The Host’ (January 1)

Happy New Year!  It is only three months away, Hosters!

Frances Fisher shared another behind the scenes photo yesterday after The Hosters (@thosters) asked for a New Year’s gift.  This one is of Frances (Maggie), Saoirse Ronan (Melanie/Wanda), and Jake Abel (Ian).  Saoirse is playfully holding a scythe that is used to harvest those wheat fields in the cave.

Frances Jake Saoirse BTS

Source: Frances Fisher on Twitter

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  • CommonSense

    Nice,can’t wait!

  • Nena Gunn

    Jake looks hot, Saoirse is too lucky to make out with him and even luckier to work with 2 amazing and seasoned actors. Frances Fischer and William Hurt are fantastic! I hope stephenie is writing the sequel because Andrew might not do as much as a good job and might take the story in a completely different direction. Either way, I will be watching!

  • stephanie

    Jake is so hot!!!