Behind the Scenes Clip with Jake Abel as Ian O’Shea

The featurette focusing on Jake Abel as Ian O’Shea is here!  Celebuzz got the exclusive on this video.  Lots of new stuff in this video as well.  Mustafa Harris (Brandt) and Lee Hardee (Aaron) make their first close-up appearance in a stand off with Diane Kruger (The Seeker).  We also get some sweet shots of those neat helicopters and silver Lotus cars that the seekers use.  Shots of the hospital ward in the cave and a situation with Chandler Canterbury (Jamie Stryder).  And Frances Fisher (Maggie) speaks!  There is too much to love in this video.

Ian and Kyle

Brandt and Aaron

Ian and Wanda in Cave

Ian and Wanda

Original Source: Celebuzz

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  • TeamBella76

    This is going to be good can’t wait ! I’ve read ppl already seeing a version of it and saying it’s good.

  • ShelbyMc.

    I’m so happy Andrew Niccol kept in some of the best scenes and lines from the book. I haven’t seen a lot of them until this featurette but there are so many of the best scenes in this one! I was a little worried about the differences from book to movie, especially because they took out Walter, but now I really think this movie is going to blow people away. So happy and excited!! 😀

  • Thanks so much for that!

  • CommonSense


  • stephanie

    I agree, there is too much to love in this video: from jake’s ian to some glances of other important characters after the long waiting. And most importantly, O’wanda moments. I just can’t stop watching this video:)

  • Luna