Ten Images Officially Released from the Movie Companion

While we have all enjoyed the scans and the photos of the photos (that would be this site) in Stephenie Meyer’s The Host: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion, Hollywood.com got ten of the images from the book released to them.  They look way better than what we have seen so far, unless you have the book.  Enjoy!

Source: Hollywood.com

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  • Abbie Owen

    Seeing these photo’s make me so excited 🙂 🙂

  • CommonSense

    Looks awesome.

  • Darth Rane

    I just love how the Seeker is dressed in white, is blonde, and is tall. Completely opposite from the book. Way to go, casting directors.

    • Jill

      When the actress who plays the Seeker was considered the people who cast thought of how she would play the character, not so much on whether or not she matched the book’s description.

  • CommonSense

    My thoughts exactly Darth Rane.

  • Erika Ruan

    AHhhhhh I just want the movie to come earlier.