Behind the Scenes Photos of ‘The Host’ (December 26)

Many behind the scenes photos from The Host have been shared online in the past week.  Is it just me or are we the most spoiled fans?  Here are the photos with the sources above the photos.

Chandler Canterbury (Jamie Stryder) shared this photo through Twitter.

Chandler Canterbury BTS
Jake Abel (Ian O’Shea) changed his profile pic on Twitter to this self portrait on the set.

Jake Abel BTS


Frances Fisher (Maggie) shared this photo of Raeden Greer (Lily) on Twitter.

Raeden Greer BTS

Frances shared this photo of herself, Jake Abel, and Lee Hardee (Aaron) on location in New Mexico on Twitter.

The Host BTS
Frances Fisher also shared this photo of herself with Raeden Greer, Max Irons (Jared), and Shawn Carter Peterson (Wes) on Twitter.

The Host BTS


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  • anna

    just wrong.

  • Rosie

    Jake Abel has grown on me quite a lot.

  • Jo

    Am I the only one who is getting really excited by seeing these. Sure, the characters aren’t quite as I had imagined, but I can’t wait to see the movie!