The Twilight Saga Continues?


In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Stephenie Meyer commented that she has thought through several more books focused on Jacob and Renesmee, as well as some other characters she was not specific about. She was evasive when reporters tried to get her to commit to a time period when she would start writing again (does this play into the previous conflicting reports as to whether she is currently working on the sequel to ‘The Host’?), but became agitated when a reporter suggested someone else taking over writing the series. What does this mean for the future of The Twilight Saga? Is Breaking Dawn the end or can we look forward to a future filled 2nd-generation vampire drama and action?

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  • Susan Payne

    You have got to be kidding me! Who would ask that someone else take over the writing of the series?? Why would they say that? If Stephenie continues to write we will read. But if someone else takes over the writing of any of her own stuff we won’t stand for it. I have seen a famous critic say a negative comment of Stephenie’s writing and KNOW he said it out of jealousy. His own writing is so transparent that I don’t read him anymore and he lacks the depth, intelligence and same creativity that Stephenie writes with. Keep writing Stephenie and do not be afraid of the opinions of others. God gave you a gift.

    • KineHaug

      Um… Stephen King is a genius… Stephenie Meyer got lucky.

      • Susan Payne

        I respectfully disagree. I may be old and it has been quite some time since I went to college and studied Literature but Stephen King has some good ideas but his lack of depth is obvious. Stephenie has depth in her writing she hasn’t even realized yet. She is capable of much more if she doesn’t allow her critics to shut her down.

        • KineHaug

          How does he lack depth? Because he doesn’t write about teenage love? Have you read The Shining and the depth of the characters in it? Do I need to remind you that King has written The Green Mile? One of the most beautiful and provocative stories of all time? Not only that, but he also wrote Christine. Meyer seems to love the whole love-triangle thing, but she’s not original. Christine is original as hell. You can’t even begin to compare those two, King has written over 50 amazing books, whereas Meyer has written… 5 (and no, I refuse to count the last book). And as much as I hate Twilight, I think she did good with The Host, but if she as much as even mentions that she wants to continue that awful story, I’m out. Meaning The Host will be burned like I burned the Twilight series.

          Meyer’s writing is very shallow. Her characters lack depth. Her ideas are never original. Her one sex scene was just… weird. All of her books are full of cliches (including The Host). The main character is a Mary Sue in 90% of her works. She ruined vampire fiction. AND the thing that bugs me the most: She never shows us anything, she just tells us with words. Like how perfect beautiful Edward is.

          If Meyer can’t handle critics, she should stay far away from writing books. It’s that easy. King has had thousands of people criticizing his books, but he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t complain. He reflects over what people say, and he gets better. That’s how a real writer should work. King has given us some of the best horror stories of all time. And if you say Meyer has written one of the best love stories… Then you need to read more. Try Austen or the Brönte-sisters (my favorites) and compare their writing to Meyers. Then you’ll understand just how shallow she is.

      • TeamBella76

        Lucky ? With four books and the Host selling a lot ? Stop being a hater and do something with your time.

        • KineHaug

          She got lucky with Twilight, and I hardly think The Host would be anything if she wasn’t already famous. Another thing I forgot to add, is that she just can’t kill off any characters in her books. That’s a bad sign for an author. Just read one King book, he manage to kill off a whole bunch of people, and he makes it magical.

          I think the world would celebrate in the streets if Meyer continued writing Twilight and killed off Eddie. I know I would.

  • salty

    I personally am a little tired of speculating what her next project will be, I know a lot of us hope for the sequel to TH, but I would have gladly picked up Midnight Sun after it leaked, or this sort of spin off. But the wait, and the constant contradictions in her statements have kind of worn me out.

    • I have to agree with you, Salty. Either say what you are doing or wait until it is finished. If you don’t want to write for a while, that’s okay too. I just don’t think it is kind to fans to drag them along.

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  • Lucija

    Noooo! Just no! Is she insane, does anyone still genuinely love the twilight series? She just wants more money, I bet that’s it.

    • don’t u got to work at your job to make money, maybe your greedy for more too. Never cast the first stone. Jealousy for a talent such as Stephanie Myers is just that Jealousy.

  • I would have to say as a middle aged adult that the twilight serious not only intrigued me as an adult but this serious has been a once a year even for the whole family to enjoy. Not a scary horror movie, or a cartoon, simple a movie for the entire family. If Stephanie Myers continues I am all for it. However had the press not leaked out what she was working on this would not even be a discussion however a reality. I am going to miss the twilight saga if Breaking dawn 2 was the end, however it was a massively, magnetic ending. I read all four books b4 handing them over to my teenager, who passed them on to my 8 year old. Then all of us went to the movies to watch and compare, I have to say I enjoyed the books more while my children enjoyed the movies. Either way Stephanie Myers has my blessing to continue. I am also ready for the Host 2 hopefully waiting in ALABAMA.