The Second Trailer for ‘The Host’

This morning at 7 AM MTV posted the new The Host trailer online for our viewing pleasure.  This is our first real look at any of the scenes from the film, as well as a pretty good feel for what the film is going to be like.

Tell us what you think about the trailer in the comments.  This has been a long time coming.

The song in the trailer is “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

Source: MTV, The Host Movie News, Open Road Films

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  • Sawsan

    That was so good, but it felt too short. I had to check the length and when I realized that it was more than 2 minutes, I could not believe it. I need more clips or maybe a featurette. I was glad to see Jared but I wanted more of Ian. And where was her brother? Did they cut that part out of the movie?

    • KineHaug

      Jamie is in it, played by Chandler Canterbury.

      • Sawsan

        Oh, thanks! Maybe he will be in the tv spots.

  • Lizzy

    I really liked the fact that Jamie was kept out of the trailer, it reminds me of how it took Wanda months before she finally saw a memory of him. Hopefully they’ll keep his character a surprise for non fans of the book till they watch the movie 🙂

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  • SingsTheEggSong

    asdfghjklčć The trailer is amazing… I can’t believe it’s already here, after all these months of anticipation and frustration. AAAAA I’m just so happy you can’t eve imagine!

  • Nicol


  • TeamBella76

    Wow it was great ! It was short because I wanted more. CAN’T WAIT ! Acting looks good people YAY !

  • KineHaug

    WOW, I was kinda half-worried about the movie, and especially the trailer, but WOOW!!! This was soo well-done! And the song is perfect, I have to admit, I’ve never heard it before, but I fell in love with it instantly! The only thing I can’t understand (about the plot) is why Wanda would jump out of, what I assume, is her apartment and into the water? To get away from the annoying seeker?

    I love every second of this trailer, especially all the emotions from Ronan and Irons. And I loved that tiny glimpse of Jeb as well!

    By the way, are those tiny flying things space shuttles? Did they change the story so that they get one space shuttle each? And if they light up the sky (like shown when Ian and Wanda watches the sky), wouldn’t it be extremely hard to take over the world? Wouldn’t the humans be suspicious?

    Another thing I want to know is what the diamond-shaped thing is. It seems to have something to do with the healing process. Maybe it’s the actual medicine?

    (And I LOVE the lines: “It’s not human.” “So we stop acting human?”) Bravo Niccol!

    • Guest


      I thought she was committing suicide (because she’s been taken over), but then I remembered that it’s Wanda and not Melanie in control, so yea, I wonder too …

    • goldrushapple

      I thought she was committing suicide (because she’s been taken over),
      but then I remembered that it’s Wanda and not Melanie in control, so
      yea, I wonder too …

  • Megan Biggs

    when will I be able to watch this from Canada??!? Ever in my life?

    • Rosie Wilkinson

      Panic not!

  • Anita

    I can’t believe that it’s finally out!!! I remember exactly when I wondered “Omg they are filming right now!” And now there is the first glimpse. Just wow. 4 months, guys!! OMG! I’m SO excited!!

  • JMT2cu

    AWESOME AWESOME AWEOME…. Getting my book out and reading it now!…

  • sarah

    HEY, DID YOU GUYS NOTICE WHEN MELANIE SAYS “I’LL LEAD THEM AWAY” AND SHE AND JARED KISS IS WHEN THERE IN THE CAVE. Also the raggedy cave clothes shes wearing? I now kinda think that was Wanda and Jared.