Stephenie Meyer Talks About Her Sci Fi Roots and Writing the Sequel

Zorianna Kit with Regal Entertainment Group interviewed Stephenie Meyer about ‘The Host’. What I found the most interesting is that Stephenie says that she read science fiction as a child, not fantasy works. I’m wondering if that’s why ‘The Host’ seems like such a deeper, more intricate and philosophical piece of work than ‘The Twilight Saga’. Are we seeing here a series closer to Stephenie’s heart?

This is the first interview I’ve truly gotten excited about as I’m listening. I love when Stephenie is talking about why her favorite science fiction author is her favorite, about how he writes human responses so well. I love that because that is the element of ‘The Host’ that really drew me in. It wasn’t either love story necessarily (although who can truly resist falling in love with Ian as Wanda does?), but rather the character development of Wanda as she struggles to understand these humans and why they deserve to live as they are, full of these wonderful, passionate emotions and drives (which in turn is the fatal flaw of humanity). I just loved hearing those words from her. 🙂

Oh, and we FINALLY have reassurance from Meyer’s own mouth that she is in the midst of the sequel!!! Sorry, can you sense my excitement? 😛 And it will have some of the same characters, as she mentions thinking about how Saoirse will be doing some of the stuff for the second film. Overall, I think a wonderful interview 🙂


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  • Jill

    So she’s keeping the same characters? I thought her idea was to keep Wanda and move her around in different human bodies? So it’s basically like Twilight with the same trio of character. Ack.

    • KineHaug

      Didn’t Wanda say she wanted to die with that body or something? I don’t think she would have chosen to be inserted into another body and move away from the cave. It would be interesting for sure, but not realistic to her character.

    • sandia

      Actually it will be with the actress that plays Wanda in the end

      • Jill

        That;s what I thought.To me Stephenie was too clear about it in the interview, so yea, thanks.

        • Jill

          I meant she *wasn’t too clear

          • Luna

            But if Wanda stays with the same group of humans (which of course she will) then Melanie will still be there, so Meyer might be thinking of something that happens to Melanie in the book.

  • sara


  • sandia

    I’ll believe this sequel when it’s actually available for pre-order

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