New Poster for ‘The Host’ Features the “Love Box”

Yay for new things from The Host!  Fandango exclusively got the new poster.  It features Saoirse Ronan as Melanie/Wanda, Max Irons as Jared Howe, and Jake Abel as Ian O’Shea.  The Arizona desert is seen in the background.  Saoirse has those alien eyes.  Stephenie Meyer and Andrew Niccol’s names are also featured prominently on the poster.

The new tag line is :

Choose to believe.  Choose to fight.  Choose to love.

IMO, I like it a lot better than the Breaking Dawn posters.  What do you think?

Source: Fandango

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  • KineHaug

    It looks a lot LIKE the Twilight-posters… And it looks a bit unprofessional to me, like how blurry Ian is. But I do like the earth-colors with the brown desert (and desert-people) mixed with the blue sky.

  • this looks so cool! i like it much better than the breaking dawn poster! the tag line is well done too

    • Jill

      The tag line is so cheesy, but I guess it’ll do for now.

      • I agree it’s soo cheesy, but the reality is that choosing to love is exactly what Wanda does. She chooses humanity over this ‘perfect’ world her people have created on earth BECAUSE of her love for these humans

      • Nicole

        I think the reason for those taglines,was simply becasue half the book covers those three things. How Melanie/Wanda communicate about thier crises an issues to deal with.

  • Rosie

    I’m not keep on the futuristic title colours along with the natural colours of the desert.

  • This poster gives me the feeling of the old science fiction movies/books, like ‘Dune’ for instance (also William Hurt, btw).

  • vale

    Is there anymore info about when the new trailer is coming out?

  • Jill

    Here’s the Access Live clip that was shown today :