New Portraits of Stephenie, Jake, and Diane from THR

Along with the really great interview with Stephenie Meyer in The Hollywood Reporter (see the post before this one), there are also a few great pictures of Stephenie, along with Jake Abel (Ian O’Shea) and Diane Kruger (The Seeker).  Photographer Jeff Lipsky took the beautiful photos.

Is it just me or does Stephenie Meyer look better than ever?

Here are some quotes from Jake and Diane about the film:

“The Seeker is very interesting because on paper, she’s portrayed as the bad guy, but the judge is still out whether or not she really is the bad guy,” says Kruger. “My character has more possibilities still to come [in future sequels]. Especially with the human aspect.”

“I play a lot of villains, so I’ve been wanting to play someone that had something different going on and Ian was definitely that,” says Abel.

“I think you have to live under a rock these days to not know the whole Twilight Saga,” laughs Kruger. “I have to admit, even though it’s not my age group, I was quite obsessed with Twilight. I had not read The Host, but I was very excited to be a part of the project.”

She’s a steel trap,” Abel says of hearing any potential spoilers for Meyer’s next book. “We wondered if maybe the things we created on set would influence her. She had mentioned that watching us bring it to life had given her ideas and the things we’ve done with each character has given her ideas of where they go, and that’s really interesting — I think — for both of us to be influencing each other in this streamlined way.”

Source: THR


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    they are beautiful:)