Maybe You Won’t See That New Trailer with ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’

I just got back from attending the Twilight Marathon.  The screening of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 that I saw DID NOT have the second The Host trailer attached to it.  Can you tell by the caps that I am a little upset?  I don’t know if this was just a theatre chain thing or what.  I saw my screening in Dallas, Texas at an AMC.

The trailers that were attached to my screening were for Playing for Keeps, Les Miserables, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Beautiful Creatures, Warm Bodies, Catching Fire, and Parental Guidance.

Let us know if you also did not get to see The Host trailer before your screening.

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  • Sia

    I didn’t get it either at my theater ! THIS WOULD OF BEEN A GREAT CHANCE FOR THE FANS TO SEE IT SO PISSED !!!!! I think a lot of Twilight fans would of loved it what the hell it’s a Stephenie Meyer film.

  • It wasn’t at our screening either. Maybe there’s been a delay in releasing it.

  • Tyty

    Same here!!!! Although they show the teaser trailer of the Host. I can tell you that all the fans were screaming when they saw the teaser. I was expecting the full ttrailer

  • Jill

    It does seem odd/worrying since Open Road (the distributor) has a contract with AMC to reserve a certain amount of screens for their films, and the connections The Host has with BD2. One would think the theater manager would attach it (if Open Road sent a copy to AMC theaters). But there are reasons that may explain why it was absent from the lineup.

    Take this into account: theater managers and distributors decide what trailers are attached to each given film that is shown. The distributor, in this case Summit Entertainment, automatically has two-three open slots for their films (future films that they will be releasing) if they so wish to use, while the other remaining slots are left for the theater manager to decide. Usually, the slots that are left for the manager range from whatever target demographic the current film applies, or might apply, to.

    In your case and others, the manager may have thought that The Host trailer would be overkill with the YA crowd. Sometimes a manager may think a trailer (The Host) may have too much in common with a given film (BD2) and may opt for another that panders to the YA crowd. If it was shown that’s two Meyer related projects – the manager may want to distant it let it breath on its own with another lineup.

    Remember, The Host teaser trailer wasn’t attached to all THG screenings (non-related to each other besides sharing the same YA crowd) when it was released, so I wouldn’t think too much of it. Until, of course, we get a trend of stories saying the trailer was nonexistent.

  • tyrone

    Are Summit Entertainment distributing what they hope will be the franchise successor to Twilight?
    If so, then showing their competitor’s The Host trailer at BD2 would be naive, to say the least.

  • stoer9

    we did get it in holland! Was cool!

  • melodylake18

    I got to see the full trailer this afternoon in Miami at an AMC theater. It was amazing and so much better on the big screen. We did not get to see the new Catching Fire logo though which was disapointing. Can’t wait for the midnight premiere of the Host!

  • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

    I didn’t see it on my too. But I we missed half the trailers anyways because there were problems with the screen. I played he second time I went and saw it.