“Five Creepy Things” About ‘The Host’ – E! Online

Josh Grossberg with E! Online has posted five things they have labelled as ‘creepy’ that you should know about ‘The Host’. I’m not sure what qualifies some of these as ‘creepy’, but I believe it reveals some new shots from the movie that we have not seen yet (they may be screen shots from the trailer, actually). Images and image placements are courtesy of E! Online, as well. For those of you familiar with the book or who have been following the progress of the film for some time (as we have) will not find anything surprising here.

1. Soul Survivor: Like Twilight before it, The Host boasts two young actors who ought to appeal strongly to Meyer’s massive teen fan base. Saoirse Ronan, star of Atonement, The Lovely Bones and Hanna, plays the main protagonist, Melanie Stryder, who is among a slew of humans to have their body taken over by E.T.s called Souls. Melanie ends up trapped early on inside the mind of a Soul named Wanderer, still conscious and refusing to fade away.

2. Space Invaders: Wanderer, or Wanda as she’s also known, is constantly trying to maintain control over Melanie as part of her mission to locate the last remnants of free humans on Earth. However, Wanderer soon begins seeing Melanie’s memories, and the two develop an emotional bond. Feeling sympathy for her human host, Wanderer seeks to sacrifice herself so that Melanie may live freely again.

3. Enter Team Jared: Before she was taken over, Melanie fell in love with a surviving human, Jared Howe, played by a hunky Max Irons, son of actor Jeremy Irons. By the time Wanderer encounters him, he’s bitter about what’s happened to his lover and distrusts Wanderer for what the Souls have done—until he watches Wanda comfort a dying member of his group.

4. Superhot Villain:Inglorious Basterds star Diane Kruger plays the Seeker, the head Soul responsible for finding other human survivors, including Mel’s brother and boyfriend. To do this, she fuses Wanda with Melanie—only little does the Seeker realize how close the two get.

5. Uncle Knows Best:William Hurt takes on the role of Melanie’s eccentric Uncle Jeb, who, as one of the first to suspect body snatchers among them, built a hideout in a complex of caves in the Arizona desert to help ensure humanity’s survival. When Wanderer/Melanie arrives, he doesn’t kill her because she’s his niece, and instead takes her in with the hope that she might be able to help them learn how to extract the Souls from their human hosts.

Again, though, I’m a little disappointed that we are ignoring Ian’s part in the promotion of this movie, so far. In the interview posted yesterday with Next Movie, Jake nailed it right on the head when he commented about how there is a HUGE ‘Team Ian’ following, and poor Max Irons pouted a bit when he admitted that there weren’t as many for ‘Team Jared’. The reality is, Ian and Wanda is most likely the more compelling romance in the movie. I have yet to meet anyone who thinks Wanda should be with Jared instead or who did not like the ending of the book when it comes to fixing this ‘love box’ of theirs. What do you guys think? Do you think they are going to try to focus on Jared and Melanie/Wanda more in the movie and that’s why we’re not seeing much Ian yet? Or is it maybe more about what would appeal to people who don’t know the book? I guess I’m mostly talking about the trailer and some of these interviews. Jake is being featured in other interviews and that helps, but how many people who don’t know the book are honestly going to watch these cast interviews?

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  • I agree, i was 100% happy with the ending.
    i think the fact that Ian is able to fall in love with Wanda, and not the body of Mel, shows him as a person. he’s able to “see” Wanda.
    that, to me, is a better love story.

    but, in saying that i think the trailer sets it up for those who haven’t read the book, why Wanda/Mel would go looking for Jared. its a deep love for Mel, its real. this is the reason Wanda wants to find Jared, to give that back to Mel.
    so in Trailer 1 you set up Mel and Jared romance, then hopefully in trailer 2 you set up the budding romance of Wanda and Ian.
    its not easy to point out in a trailer that when you are seeing Saoirse, she is actually Wanda for this scene, not Mel wanting Jared. so not sure if its really something that should be brought into the trailers or not. unless they think they can get it 100% right i dont think they should do it.

    maybe show Ian Taking Wanda’s side, as in trailer 1, a little more though. show his personality.

    • Great points! I know there’s a point in the book where he comments about loving HER, not who she is within this body, or something like that. But if they put that in the trailer, it might give too much away. At least for Wanda, she is in denial about Ian being in love with her for a long time. It might ruin that development in the movie, too, if they give too much away in the trailer. Ian and Kyle try to kill her initially and people might not take that interaction seriously if they know what’s going to happen later on between them. I dunno. I am very excited to see how it turns out. The trailer seems very well done! 🙂

    • Gab

      I think Wanda didn’t look for Jared because she wants to give him to Melanie. Remember, the reason she gave up on resisting Melanie’s existence in her head is that she is actually falling in love with jared and also Jamie. Infact she’s mad at Melanie right? She wants to get off of Melanie’s body but her growing love for Jared and Jamie made her stay and eventually look for them.

  • vale

    I was very looking forward for the new trailer and I really feel that it lack something, so I hope they put some more escenes with Ian kind of showing a love ‘triangle’ in the begining, allowing people to later understand what really goes on there 🙂
    I am very happy with the locations and the music, though. I thought it was awesome and the aliens eyes look very real 🙂

    • Guest

      Then people would complain that the trailer reveals to much …

    • goldrushapple

      Then people would complain that the trailer reveals too much …

  • sara

    Did you guys notice the part when Melanie says “I’ll lead them away” when she is talking about the Seekers to Jared and he kissed her. That were both in the caves so I think that was Wanda and Jared.

  • Nena Gunn

    ….i’m lost……what is creepy about any of this? Lol can’t wait till march! the part when uncle jeb finds wanda is just how I imagined it!

    • goldrushapple

      This is just a piece to create discussion. There really isn’t any real substance besides discussion.

  • Gab

    I think the part that stated that “Wanderer seeks to sacrifice herself so that Melanie may live freely again.” is like almost wrong for me. Wanda never thought of separating them both until she had the idea of saving both the soul and the human in the seeker. That’s when she had the idea of separating them. And I don’t think she was just “feeling sympathy” about Melanie, the reason she went to look for Jared and Jamie is she have grown to love them by Melanie’s memories. Lastly, good Uncle Jeb doesn’t plan on “using” her to help them extract a soul. You see, it has been Wanda’s choice to teach them how to extract a soul to save the seeker not because uncle Jeb is using her. Just as he said in the book, he was just curious and that making friends with an alien makes him really special. I’m saying this coz I love U.Jeb and I don’t anyone thinks like he is some secret villain.

    Sometimes you have to be careful. Haha.. Just another fan passing through.. No offense intended. Have a nice day everyone.