The Next ‘The Host’ Trailer Running Before ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’

Update 11/6/12: The details have been released about when you can see the second trailer.  Scott Mantz (@MovieMantz) was kind enough to respond to our questions on Twitter about the trailer.

The second trailer for The Host will premiere on Live Access at 11 AM ET/PT on Monday, November 12, 2o12.  It will also be on Access Hollywood at 7 or 7:30 PM ET/PT that day.  It will not be online until November 13, 2o12 at 7 AM ET.

Update 10/31/12: Through the official Facebook Page for The Host, they have confirmed that Access Hollywood will be premiering the trailer the week of November 12th.

Update 10/30/12: If we are to believe Scott Mantz, Access Hollywood will be debuting the second trailer for The Host the week of November 12th.  No exact date has been given.  This does indeed fall in line with having the trailer run before Breaking Dawn – Part 2.  I will be getting in contact with Open Road Films to get a confirmation.

I felt like a post needed to be written up on this subject, so here it is.

There is a tweet that a movie journalist (Scott Mantz of Movie Mantz) sent out a couple days ago saying that the next trailer for The Host will be running before The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.  It seems like quite a few sites took the tweet as fact and ran with it.  I contacted the PR Firm that represents Open Road Films after I saw that tweet and they got back to me with there has been no confirmation of the timing of the next trailer.

I do think it is more than likely that a trailer will run before Breaking Dawn.  It is the perfect audience to launch the film for Stephenie Meyer’s other book.  BUT nothing has been officially released from Open Road Films or anyone associated with the film YET.  I am hoping for some official word soon, and hopefully, they will release the trailer online first before it hits the theatres.

Trust that we will post any news on the trailer front as soon as we find out anything.  We are excited as you are to see any new footage of the film.

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