Four New Images From ‘The Host’

Remember those images from The Host that got leaked?  We had to take them down, but they were our first look at Jake Abel as Ian O’Shea.  Those who were lucky to see them before having them removed from the Internet got an early glimpse of Jake.  Open Road Films officially gave the okay to post the images again, so here they are.  There is Jake Abel as Ian O’Shea, Max Irons and Jared Howe, Saoirse Ronan as Melanie Stryder/Wanda, and Max Irons and William Hurt as Uncle Jeb in a conversation.

Source: Open Road Films, The Host Movie News

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  • Luna

    I’m most uncertain about Ian. He’s the one who’s furthest away from what I imagined. But I’m sure he’ll do a great job. It looks really good. I’m so excited to see the movie! From what we’ve seen so far I’m guessing all the Souls will be wearing light colors to depict their gentleness which I think is a good idea of showing the difference between humans and Souls since we probably won’t have voice-over explaining how Souls are kinder and gentler. Oh, I’m just so excited!

    • Frida

      I agree I’m most worried about Ian, maybe it’s just the lighting in this image but he looks kinda skinny, especially in the face. He should be strong! 😛

      • Luna

        Exactly. I always imagined the O’Shea brothers to be more… burly. But I like the look of Jared and Wanda. And William Hurt IS Jeb. So I’m sure it’ll be good.

  • Interesting. Ian looks fine to me. Jared looks exactly as I imagined him but Melanie/Wanda is not at all what I imagined. She is supposed to be athletic and strong. Saoirse does not look like what I envisioned at all. William Hurt is not exactly what I expected but he is such an accomplished actor I have no doubt he will fill the role perfectly. I too am very excited to see the movie as this is currently my favorite novel.

  • sofia

    I think its the lighting, or Jake Abel just lost an incredible amount of weight! Lol. I’ve seen him in many movies and tv roles, and he’s never looked that thin… Maybe it is the lighting? I don’t know. But he is also pretty tall, which is gonna make him look thinner anyway. But he is such a great actor! I’m sure he’ll do a good job! Plus, he’s a convincing crier, which is always good to see in actors, hehe

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