Boyd Holbrook: From Set-Maker to Film-Maker

Boyd Holbrook (Kyle) has been named by Variety as one of 10 actors to watch this year…and boy, are we ready to watch him ;). As many of us are waiting patiently (or maybe, not so patiently) for March, I have seen several comments from fans excited to see this relative new-comer to the film world. So, I thought it might be nice to give our readers a glimpse at the actor who will be portraying the man we love to hate, Kyle O’Shea.

In a brief interview yesterday, Michael Ventre from Variety talked a bit about Boyd’s background and his big break into the film industry. Mr. Holbrook, a Kentucky native, was busy building sets for a theatre company when a friend of his asked if she could send his picture into a modeling agency in New York. That small gesture led to a career (so far) involving modeling, photography, sculpting, acting, screenwriting, and directing! All before the age of 31! (Actually I just choked when I checked his age on IMDB. Guess I missed that fact :-P)

Boyd talked about how his interest was piqued for the ‘Hatfields & McCoys’ project (set near his hometown) after reading the script and learning who had already been cast, despite his concerns about the privacy of the people he’d grown up around. His family seems to be supportive of his career, as well, though they may not have always understood his decision to enter the film industry. Ventre asked him a couple of other background questions that offer us a slight glimpse at the man behind the…screen:

“Lucky break: “Definitely for me one of two things: Doing a pilot with Sam Shepard called ‘Tough Trade.’ He’s a hero of mine. Then working with Vera Farmiga on ‘Higher Ground.’ She was extraordinary.”

Favorite film: John Cassavetes’ “A Woman Under the Influence” and Terrence Malick’s “Days of Heaven.”

Career I’d like to emulate: “Sean Penn, for his acting as well as his writing and directing. There are so many actors I respect, but his reach is so wide.””

So what is the multi-talented Mr. Holbrook up to now? Well besides our beloved ‘The Host’ in March (:-D), he is working on several other films alongside actors such as Christian Bale, Woody Harrelson, and Dakota Fanning. Thanks, Michael and Boyd!

As always, we’ll keep watching and waiting for more news!

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