‘Official Illustrated Movie Companion’ Available for Pre-order

The Host Movie Fans discovered that on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, you can now pre-order the Official Illustrated Movie Companion for ‘The Host’. It is currently scheduled for release in January 1, 2013, but no cover illustration has been added as of yet. The author of the companion is none other than Mark Cotta Vaz who also wrote the companions for the ‘Twilight’ movies and had a biography on the LA Times bestseller list. We’ll keep you posted as we get closer and closer to the release date, as always. 🙂

UPDATE from Sarah (Sept 5, 2012):

I was just stumbling through my Amazon wish list which, of course, has this on it.  I noticed there is now an image for the book and it is either intriguing or a bad image of the cover.  See below:

Are those images from the film that are making up the cover or is that just a really bad, low quality scan of the book cover?  I am leaning toward images from the film since the title does not have the same low quality look as the rest and seems to be perfectly clear.

The description of the book also has a random date of December 4, 2012 for publication.  That seems really early to me, and I don’t think I want to see or read that much about the film over three months before the film comes out.

Oh, and use this handy little link box below to pre-order via Amazon and this site will benefit from the purchase by a very tiny amount.

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  • Companion

    IDK IDK they are trying to  sell us a companion book when they haven’t even showed us anything about the movie?

    • Peter_Griffen

       It’s simply economics. Whoever is publishing it knows there will demand for it so it little, at the this stage, if there is material to show. They probably have a worked out  content  so all they need are the pictures and the cast+crew interviews that go along with them.

    • Jill

      Supply and demand. The publishers and studio knows people will want the companion regardless if the movie opens two months later. If people want the script (like way in the beginning of this project) and are desperate enough to get unofficial stills, and are hungry enough for more, then they’ll hand over the money for an actually piece of ownership.

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  • Midnightrose434

    Awesome!  I’m so excited about this Illustrated Movie Companion.  It’s funny I was just wondering the other day when it would be coming out……

  • tommy

    So exciting!!! To me the cover looks like heaps of pictures of the people that have been taken over like in the trailer 🙂

    • Ari

      Yes, it might be. The logo and text are perfectly clear, so the resolution of the image can’t be the problem.