Your Opinion Needed on The Host Movie News’ Content

Hey Guys!  I just wanted to do an informal post about what you want to see posted on this site.  I have previously posted news on The Host actors’ other films and news.  Do you want us to cover non-The Host related news or just stick to posts directly related to The Host?  I just want to make sure we are bringing you the kind of information you want to see on this site, and not things you are not interested in reading.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section of this post, send us a tweet, or comment on our Facebook Page.

Thank you in advance!

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  • Anna

    I think they are totally ruining the book! first Saoirse doesn’t look like Melanie at all! and the seeker was supposed to WEAR BLACK, be short and have dark hair! Jake Abel doesn’t match the description of Ian from the book! and boyd holbrook really?! that’s not the Kyle I pictured and by the way Jamie has curly hair! when I heard they were turning the book into a movie I thought they’d pick Camilla Belle to be Melanie Jared should be played by Jensen Ackles and Ian by Sean Farris and Kyle come on! that should be Kellan Lutz and Jamie is supposed to have like 14 years old and Chandler Canterbury looks like 10! I really had lots of expectations on this movie, but it seems it’s totally screwed;(

    • don’t judge the movie before it comes out. Niccol is one of the best direcors an Saoirse can play literally anything. 

    • M.M

      They picked the most amazing actors/actress I rather have talent over looks any day & plus the actor /actress aren’t even ugly . Don’t judge to quickly the film isn’t even out yet & we haven’t even see the official trailer with footage of the film yet. The director is brilliant. Everyone imaged the character diffidently the cast crew can’t please everyone. Like Alina Y. Said  Stephenie Meyer picked them out her self she know’s what’s best for this film & I trust her decisions. Not to be rude or anything but point blank if you don’t like it don’t see it. 

    • Jill

       I thought the message of this post was whether or not one wants information pertaining to the movie, solely, or to branch out to other Meyer related or star related news not if a book fan is unhappy about the casting. That concern can be viewed on the movie’s IMDb page.

    • Jill

      Also, I thought movies needed persuasive acting, not cardboard cut outs of their book-selves. Case in point Briony Tallis from Atonement. The character written as a girl with short black hair; they cast Ronan and kept her blond hair. They also took a couple of physical creative liberties with Briony, facially (Briony had no mole in the book). Another main character from that novel is Robby played by James McAvoy. The character’s book description was tall (McAvoy is about 5’8) with brown eyes (creatives kept McAvoy’s blue eyes). Both the film, Ronan and McAvoy received acclaim.

  • Jill

    I’ll vote for sticking to news that is relevant to Andrew Niccol’s The Host. Keep the feed consistent with the website’s original goal: The Host film news.

    The two of you are doing a great job, so please keep it up.  

  • I rather we kept it just Host news to be honest, I don’t mind if you tweet about the actor’s projects tho (I do it all the time lol)

    • Yeah, that is what I am trying to figure out.  Don’t know if people are interested in that news or not.

  • Kaycee94

    Stick to News about the Host 🙂  its what everyone wants to hear xD

  • stefffie78

    Just stick to The Host! 

  • JT

    stick to host info

  • KineHaug

    I’m only interested in The Host, not if Ronan likes ice cream or not.

    • Jill

      Post of the day. 

  • Suban


  • Crystal

    Please stick to The Host movie news. I love this site and thank you!!!

  • Anon

    news about the cast and stuff 

  • singer_4soul

    Please stick to Host news.  The site is ran beautifully, and its so nice to pick up little pieces of the film along the way, not a ton of media coverage.  It just feels more special!

  • Genesis

    More Ian pics, please ! <3