The Hunger Games’ Leven Rambin Talks Jake Abel and Boyd Holbrook

I write for another website called Lost in Reviews, which gives me the very cool opportunity to interview actors and filmmakers who come to Dallas for press tours.  With The Hunger Games‘ DVD release on Friday night, actress Leven Rambin who played the tribute Glimmer came to Dallas to sign autographs and meet fans at a local Walmart.  Bonus for this interviewer is that I knew she had just worked with Jake Abel in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.  I could not resist bringing up Jake Abel at the end of the brief interview, and she also pointed out that she has worked with Boyd Holbrook also.  Lucky girl!

Just as an aside, I am not a professional interviewer, nor did I go to journalism school.  I know I am not great and tend to stumble on my words.  I get a little nervous meeting these people also.  I am just a huge film fan that fell into writing for a website that has given me the opportunity to do some very exciting things.  Trust me.  This will not be the last time you see this girl in front of the camera, especially with The Host coming out in March.

Source: Lost in Reviews

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