Test Screenings for ‘The Host’ Already Beginning

I admit to being very doubtful of their validity (see @TheHostMovie tweets), but there are test screening(s) already being held for The Host.  How finished the film will be when it is seen to these limited audiences is unknown.  Maybe it is already mostly done and the producers are just looking for some feedback of what works and what doesn’t.  It seems a little early for test screenings, but what do I know (that, apparently, is nothing).

I do find it odd that they would deliberately tell you what the film is that you are going to see.  I get emails occasionally for test screenings in Dallas.  They do not tell you the title of the film, but they might name drop a star or two.  They have a target audience for the screenings.  For example, they will only allow men and women age 30-45 in the screening.  I have never been to a test screening because members of the press are not allowed in.

For this screening of The Host, it is for ages 13-49

Here is the proof:

Source: The Host Movie News (via anonymous source)

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  • Jill

    Yea this is weird. If this is true I would guess it’s due to audience feedback and whether or not the ending is in question (theatrical vs director’s cut). Did they give a date cause I didn’t see one. It would make sense if a test screening was held in November or December, but this sound way premature and a hoax (which I hope it is for obvious reasons).

    • Nope, this is the real deal. Time, place, etc. were left off because the source does not want competition to get into the screening. This may be a test screening without special effects finished.

      • Jill

        Okay, cool. I hope the audience reactions will be mostly positive. Can you tell us the month (beginning, middle, end of) in which the screening takes place? I’ll be checking twitter for the reactions.

  • Aleeza Koulax

    This is true!! 🙂 im going with my friend this thursday to see a screening of the host!! im so friggin excited!!!! i cant believe im getting a chance to see it this early!!! i hope it lives up to expectations!! :D…but i wont raise my expectations too high…just in case 🙂

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  • Sarah <3

    i am also going to the screening! im super excited and i do these all the time. usual where i live they actually do tell the name of the movie before a screening and when i heard the name of this one i couldnt believe it!! i actually dont think its too early for a screening of the host because in the past i have been to screenings of movies a whole year before they were even released

    • scastagnoli

      After the screening, it would be nice if you would go to the Saoirse board on IMDB to give us your impressions about the film. Thanks.

      • Sarah <3

        im sorry but it really is supposed to be confidential. i will say that it did not quite live up to my expectations, especially with my high opinion of the book. but going into the film without the book in mind it was really great overall

        • amy

          How was Saoirse in the dual role. Is she going to prove all of them moaners wrong?

        • scastagnoli

          I understand. Thanks

  • a18

    was not bad :)….tis all i can say :)…sorry

  • Anonymous

    Anyone going to one of these test screenings (especially for a screening this early) has to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) agreeing not to tell anyone which film they saw, ANY reactions towards the film (good or bad), who was at the screening, etc. In signing that NDA, you also opened yourself up to be sued for up to $5,000,000 in damages should the studio decide to pursue that course of action (at least most of the standard NDA’s have this). Please be VERY careful what you’re saying and where!