New Stephenie Meyer Interview with EW Magazine

In the current issue of EW Magazine (August 17/24) with Edward and Bella on the cover, there is loads of news on Breaking Dawn – Part 2 including new images from the film.  On page 37 of the issue, there is a Q&A with Stephenie Meyer.  It also has a new picture of her for the article.  There is one question that is about The Host, and I have typed it out below.

“You’re currently working on a film adaptation of another of your books, The Host.  Has your experience with Twilight changed how you feel about turning your books into movies?

It’s hard to say.  As a general rule, my experience has been positive, and as an author I don’t think anyone has been offered the access I’ve had.  With every movie I’ve become a little bit more involved.  I really like to be used as a resource–like if an actor has a question about a backstory.  And recently, on the set of The Host, I was the only person on the entire set who noticed that there was a cherry-picker tractor in the back of a scene.  So I’m useful every now and then–I have fantastic eyesight. [Laughs]”

If you click on the photo, you should be able to read the whole interview (kind of).

Source: EW Magazine, Crappy cell phone pic via Sarah at The Host Movie News 🙂

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