More MTV News Interviews with Saoirse Ronan (Video)

Saoirse Ronan sat down again (actually this is all from the same set visit) with MTV News to further discuss The Host. She talks about how she became involved in the film. She does think the film is a faithful adaptation of the novel. I hope it is as well. She also discusses her “double role” as two characters live in the same body.

She goes into detail in the second video about how she recorded Melanie’s role in Wanda’s inhabited body before she shot the scenes as Wanda.  She then listened to those recordings in her ear when she had a scene where she was supposed to be interacting with the voice in her head.  Andrew Niccol had previously revealed how this was done in another interview.  She also touches on the annoyances of the contacts and her hair color change.

In the third video, Saoirse admits that she probably never read anything on our site in the early heydays since she did not go online and check how people reacted to the news of her casting.  She touches on how the fan base will react to the film.

So what is everyone’s reaction to these new video interviews?

Source: MTV News

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  • Jen

    Can’t see them outside the US. Can anyone post youtube links/quotes?