Max Irons Talks to The HuffPost About His INC Campaign and ‘The Host’ (Video)

Max Irons who plays Jared Howe in The Host recently did some press for his upcoming fall/winter collection campaign with INC for Macy’s.  Max sat down with Daniel Garofali from The Huffington Post to talk about INC and his acting career.

Daniel Garofoli starts out talking to Max about The Host.  Max is off to film The White Queen for the BBC next.  I love period films so I am really excited about that project.  I tried to find the project on IMDB, but it is not listed yet.  Daniel also asks about dating costars and how he might be compared to a fellow Brit actor (Robert Pattinson).  Max does say that Robert is a lucky fellow for dating Kristen Stewart.  I think maybe this interview was filmed before the whole “affair” but maybe not.  The interview does talk a lot about Max’s involvement with Macy’s and INC (as it should).  The interview does come back around to his acting career.  Max says that he does not go onto the internet and search about himself since those negative opinions you can find can stick with you.  He would rather not know.

Source: The Huffington Post

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