Cast This: Pet – Wrap Up

All right, so I’ve just gone through the comments and tallied up the votes and suggestions. Elle Fanning and Anna Sophia Robb are the leaders, by far, but I feel that these numbers are also skewed because Elle was my top choice and Anna Sophia was mentioned in my previous post, as well.

Elle Fanning

AnnaSophia Robb

The main concern with Elle is that she is so young, and I agree. However, at least with this first movie, I can think of only a couple romance scenes and those can be kept age appropriate for her. Since we don’t know when the next book (not to mention the next movie) will be coming out, if Meyer decides to use these same characters, Elle would be older and able to do more on screen. The earliest we would see another book in this series would be at least a year from now, but Meyer said recently that she is not working on the sequel right now and a previous interview noted that she has 10 years to write it before the filmmakers can take over that role. So even if she did write it now and it came out in a year, it would be another year beyond that for the movie to come out, meaning Elle would be 16 at that time. Point being, I don’t think we need to make her age as big a problem as we currently are. Both of these girls have done work recently that could count towards the hint that has been removed from twitter about the actress being someone who has been well known in recent years.

Other girls mentioned as possibilities in your comments who were also mentioned in my post were Bridgit Mendler, Amanda Seyfried, and Mia Wasikowska.

What I thought most interesting, though, was that 9 new actresses, who were not brought to light in the first round of this Cast This, were suggested for the part. I’ve included their names and photos below. As always, clicking on their names will bring you to their IMDB pages.

Chloe Grace Moretz

I really like the idea of Chloe in the part. She’s only a year older than Elle (see note above), but this still keeps her younger than the other actors, as she should be, to fit with the book. She has also done a large number of films in recent years, which would fit with the hint we were previously given. I’ve seen her in a number of films and I think that she could definitely keep the level of acting ability up there with Ronan’s. I mention this because it was a concern a couple people expressed in the comments.

Ginny Gardner

Abigail Breslin

This (Breslin) is another actress who has been in a large number of projects in recent years.

Sarah Hyland

According to IMDB, she has done a few projects lately that could make her well known in certain demographics.

Sasha Pieterse

See note under ‘Hyland’.

Hailee Steinfeld

She hasn’t been in much recently. The only title I recognize is ‘True Grit’ (didn’t see it), but I see that she is in the upcoming ‘Ender’s Game’ and, knowing how much of a big deal this book is in the sci fi community, she probably has some good acting potential.

Bella Thorne

Taylor Momsen

Britt Robertson

Phew, that was a long list! I really appreciate each and everyone’s insight and input on this post. Hopefully one of these beautiful actresses will end up being the one cast in the film. 🙂 Now, I want to predicate my next statements by saying that I am by no means an expert on which actors and actresses are ‘popular’ right now, especially since at 26, this film is probably not geared towards my age group :P. However, in my ever humble opinion, of the girls mentioned by all of you, I still feel that it would most likely be Elle Fanning or Chloe Grace Moretz. Personally, I like both of these actresses. I’ve seen more of Chloe’s work than Elle’s and I feel that she is a very strong actress, but I also see that Elle has a great deal of potential. I would be pleased with either one of these choices.

All in all, we will simply have to continue to wait and wonder until they make the announcement (who knows, maybe they’ll draw it out until the official premiere, even!). Thanks again to everyone who participated in this edition of Cast This!

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  • Marsh

    I’ve read the clues given by Gerard Lee Lewis Jr (through his twitter account @HOSTCAVEDWELLER:twitter ), who was a cave dweller in The Host maovie, about the actress who plays as Pet. His clues were as follows:
    Pet is: 
    *18-25 years old
    *has had leading roles before
    *under 5’8″ in height
    *hair color is not an issue

    I’m going with Wasikowska or Robb. 😉

    • Jill

      If all these clues are true then we can eliminate Moretz and Fanning and anyone under 18. 

      • Marsh

        Yup. Although the older Fanning qualifies. Nah, the younger Fanning is better. 😛

  • Y_turner

    I dont think they’ll hide it until the premiere I mean the official movie companion comes out in January right? I doubt they’d leave Pet out in that so if we don’t get to see her before then we will most likely get a glimpse of her in the official movie companion.

  • KineHaug

    I love Ginny Gardener as Pet, although I’m pretty sure she’s not in the movie because of the clues. 

    • Rose

      I totally agree

  • Marsh

    I rooting for Wasikowska or Robb but there is a part of me that feels like it’s gonna be Emma Roberts and I really don’t like that feeling. :/

    We can make a new list IF INDEED THE CLUES ARE 100% TRUE:

    Mia Wasikowska

    Emma Roberts AnnaSophia Robb

    Lily Collins Emily Browning Dakota Fanning Juno Temple
    Vanessa Hudgens  Ellen Page Emma Watson 

    Shailene Woodley
    Kristen Stewart Emma Stone
    Miley Cyrus (LOL.)

    that’s all I got. They casted a known actress as Petals that’s why they’re keeping it a secret. 😛

    • KineHaug

      I was thinking… Maybe it is Emilia Clarke?? (From Game of Thrones) She’s 25.

  • H Teide

    I like Ginny Gardner and Chloe Grace Moretz. I also like Elle Fanning and like you said, she will be more growing up in the following movies. 
       I have seen Britt Robertson in The Secret Circle and I think she’s not a very strong actress. It was maybe the role but I just feel that she’s not the right one to play Pet… I hope that they would pay more attention to the hair color.  There are few actors that I just can’t imagine to play Pet. Well, I still believe that I’m going to like the final outcome… Or at least I hope I will. 

    We are living in exciting times! (Hope I wrote that right 😀 I’m from Finland and I’m fourteen years old)  🙂 Oh, I can’t wait that the movie comes out!!!

  • Smiley41412

    I’m going to laugh so hard if the actress who plays Pet aren’t any of these actesses.

  • Anon

    I think Sasha is perfect. Her looks match exactly but I’m not too sure about her acting. Otherwise, Ginny is good too.

  • What about Eliza Bennett? I’ve only seen her in Inkheart (leading role), but she was born in 1992, is 5′ 4″ (1,63 m), and blonde.

  • Icarlyj12

    Anna Sophia Rob looks great to me, also ginny gardner. I like the fanning girl, but to really get the the feel of the book you definately want someone who is older and can really fill the roll.

  • Lala

    Saoirse Ronan is 5’6 and since Pet’s character is supposed to be much smaller than Melanie’s, we can assume that the actress playing her will be shorter than Saoirse, right? 

    • Marsh

      Yup. I agree.

  • After thinking about Johanna’s post, I thought of the strong possibility that Amanda Seyfried may be Pet.  She was in Andrew Niccol’s last film and it seems like she is in everything right now.  Thoughts?

    • Mönni

      That could be possible! I really like her, and like her acting too… Oh but, she is 27 so that’s not possible if the clues are right. But I could imagine her playing Pet. 🙂 Sasha and Ginny are awesome too! I just hope it isn’t someone very known, like Kristen Stewart for example.

  • Symphony

    well,the actresses here are all sooooooo cute and pretty………but Ginny Gardner is the prettiest and perfect for the character I think…………. and what about Alexis Blande? She’s pretty too but so sad that she’s not here in the pictures………………….. What do you think, friends?????

  • Swiftie

    Ginny is lovely! She could be Pet!

  • I think Sasha Pieterse would be great as Pet/Wanda. She has the angelic look that is described in the book.

  • I like Britt Robertson. She can act and she has a beautiful angelic look.

  • Rose

    I also would love Mia wasikowska although she seems to look a bit old for pet even

  • Eve

    So they’re not telling who is playing Pet!?!?!?!

  • i see the girl who played luna in harry potter.

  • Phoebe1609

    I dont think you realise the obviousness of the casting of Pet! It so obviously EMILY BROWNING! Why can’t you see that! She has everything! The baby face, the baby-like round lips, the softness of her appearance and nature, her locks of blonde hair, everything is perfect! I always see Emily when I read Pet’s description!

  • Anonymous

    I think the person they’d chosen as wanda was better than any of these girls.