Another MTV News Interview with Saoirse Ronan (Video)

MTV News released yet another video of Josh Horowitz interviewing Saoirse Ronan about The Host. This would be video number four.  This video does contain SPOILERS, so if you don’t know what happens in the end of the book, I would suggest not watching this video.

In this video, Saoirse answers the question about what scenes does she think the fans will be the most excited to see.  She also discusses her relationship and friendship with both Max Irons and Jake Abel.  Saoirse touches on the physicality of this role and the stunts she has to do.

If you missed the first three videos that were released last week, check out our previous post.

Source: MTV News

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  • Ericka Shane Santiaguel

    Why isn’t this video available ? I live in Canada by the way

    • This seems to be the trend with the MTV videos.  They always seem to be unavailable outside of the US.

      • Rosie Wilkinson

        Could you talk us through the MTV video’s in future? Sorry, it just drives me crazy that I can’t watch them.

        • JD

          Are you sure want to know? Ronan basically drops the beans for the third act, or least the anticipation for it (might as well not see the movie now). It’s a good thing when situations like these happen I’m able to suppress the memory. I give myself a week to “forget” what she said.

          • josephjoe

            A large proportion of movies made nowadays are based on books (The Host), or are remakes of earlier releases, so most cinemagoers have some (at least) prior knowledge of what happens in the film.
            So. you obviously have some kind of personal beef with Ronan.

          • JD

            You conclusion that I have something against Saoirse is obviously nonsense (I called her stupid … what she did WAS stupid) and your excuse for her also does not work. There is a clear distinction of knowing what happens in the book and knowing what happens in the movie/knowing what scenes are included. That’s such a cop out on what you said. I hate the action, not the person. I think anyone with some honesty would realize what happened in the interview is plain silly on her part.

        • I wish I had the time to do that.  Check some of the international Host sites.  I think some of them have grabbed it and added subtitles.

  • Do you think MTV is gonna pull the plug on this interview (since Josh hasn’t tweeted anything regard it)?

  • Suban

    So not fair !!!!!! Why the hell are these videos only available in the US?????

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  • JD

    It *should* be taken down not just because Josh didn’t tweet about it,
    but because it contains spoilers directly relating to the plot.  This seems to be a violation of confidentiality.

    premise is one thing, divulging what book scenes are included is
    another.  It kills whatever anticipation it had going for it. Stupid MTV for uploading this, stupid Ronan for spilling the beans and what a fool Josh is for not giving notification about this video. If he did then at least it implies he’s aware of its public existence.

    • He did not tweet about each video, just that the new interview was up.  I don’t know why this fourth one just showed up and was not originally included.  It should be labeled with a spoiler alert in the video somehow.  I guess they are assuming you have read the book already if you are interested in the film?

      • JD

        I know Josh gave notification when the first three were coming out, not to each like you said … but this fourth video came out of no where **WARNING: conspiracy theory** like it was an after thought, or that MTV knew they had something on their hands that may be looked upon as an infringement so they quietly snuck it in the interview lineup. It just comes across as really sloppy and irresponsible on both parties. The fact that the one video that would be the most controversial pops into public existent a week later without any “Hey, guys, another one!” from either MTV or Josh. That’s just my take on it.  I’m not much of a fan of “back door” moves, if you know what I’m saying

  • Ericka Shane

    what website has the four videos ? because i haven’t watched any of them and i’m dying to watch them 🙂 please respond 🙂

  • Chantelle

    Anyone else catch the last few moments… at the end of the video: Saoirse says, “We’ll get some swords into the sequel…” <— a sequel?!?!?! o.O

    She seemed to be just playfully discussing it, but still… maybe there's some validity in her statement? That would be AWESOME.