The Boston Herald Interviews Diane Kruger

The Boston Herald interviewed Diane Kruger for her current film release, Farewell, My Queen.  In the interview, a couple of questions came up about The Host.  Below are the relevant excerpts.  Read the full interview on the Boston Herald website.  Any typos or misspelling of words/names are noted, but are directly from the Boston Herald.




“Q:  So when you get a big movie like The Host with Andrew Nicoll, who is well known for doing science fiction, how does that come about? Are you his choice? Does your agent call you up and say, “Would you consider this, Diane?  It’s an odd little movie. I don’t know whether people are going to love it or not, but it’s” –?
Kruger:  It depends. For most studio films, they have lists of actors and actresses that sort of fit the mold in terms of financial reasoning, and then creative reasoning. I think the director looks at those lists and says, “Okay, those 10 girls and those 10 guys could work.”  Then it’s an auditioning process. In France it’s much more director driven. Whoever he wants, they will make the offer. Then you can turn it down or not, but it’s not like, okay, let’s look at these 15 people.

Q:  What  can you say about The Host?
Kruger:  Well, it’s a very well known book, Stephenie Meyer’s book, called The Host.

Q:  The woman who did Twilight?
Kruger:  Exactly.

Q:  Oh.
Kruger:  So this is a whole new, maybe, trilogy. I don’t know but there were really interesting actors in it. Saoirse Ronan plays the lead. She’s a fantastic actress and her part is very difficult, because she has an alien inside of her. So she has two voices constantly going on in her head. That’s a challenge, obviously. And William Hurt and Frances Fisher, a great mix. My character certainly is great. I play an alien who’s sort of evil, you think, and then is not.

Q:  Oh. So two-faced?
Kruger:  Yes.

Q:  Or three-faced, maybe?
Kruger:  Well, you’ll have to see.

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  • Salty

    “Kruger:  So this is a whole new, maybe, trilogy.” O.o

  • KineHaug

    Is sort of evil, and then is not…? Isn’t The Seeker kind of “evil” throughout the book?

  • Jill

    Every single interview so far her answers sound detached. I wonder how she’s going to deal when promo comes around – she’s great strolling on the read carpet, but I feel her press junkets will be unbearable for the interviewers. 

    Interviewer: So does your character goes through any emotional turmoil or conflicts?
    Kruger: Yes. She’s rather mean and at times she’s confused, but she figures it out at the end.